Feats (B)

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Blind-Fight (General)

You know how to fight when you are unable to see.

Benefit: In melee, if you miss because of concealment, you can reroll your miss chance once to see if you actually hit. An invisible attacker gets no advantages related to hitting you in melee. That is, you can still dodge or parry your assailant and he does not get the usual +2 bonus to melee attack rolls for being invisible. The invisible attacker’s bonuses do still apply for ranged attacks, however. You take only half the usual penalty to speed for being unable to see. Darkness and poor visibility in general reduces your speed to three-quarters of normal, instead of one-half.

Normal: Regular attack roll modifiers for invisible attackers trying to hit you apply and you cannot dodge or parry your attacker. The speed reduction for darkness and poor visibility also applies.

Blood of the Giants (General)

You are the infamous offspring between a human and a frost giant, making you a massive beast of a human and a freakish pariah to your own people.

Prerequisites: Must be chosen at character generation; must be Cimmerian, Vanir, Aesir or Hyperborean.

Benefit: You gain all of the following modifiers to your character from this feat:

  • You are a Large creature, suffering the bonuses and penalties of larger size (see page 169).
  • +4 Str, +2 Con, –2 Int, –2 Wis, –2 Cha.
  • Gain a natural Damage Reduction of 3.
  • Gain the cold subtype.
  • Armour, clothing and similar gear costs three times as much to manufacture.

Special: This feat should be treated as a very rare occurrence, and being giant-kin makes the character a constant target for the northern peoples, who have been plagued by frost giant attacks for centuries.

Brawl (General)

You are an expert brawler or martial artist, often knocking out or even killing an opponent with a single punch.

Benefit: You deal 1d6 + Strength modifier points of damage with an unarmed strike. You may elect to inflict either lethal or nonlethal damage with no penalty.

Normal: Without this feat, a character deals only 1d3 points of nonlethal damage with an unarmed strike.

Feats (B)

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