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Dabbler (General)

Though you might not be a formally trained sorcerer, you have learned a little magic here and there, enough to perhaps get you out of a tight spot or two – if it works.

Prerequisites: Int 13, Knowledge (arcana) 6 ranks.

Benefit: Choose a sorcery style from the following: Counterspells, Curses or Divination. Up to once during any given month, you may make a Knowledge (arcana) check to recall a small amount of sorcerous lore that could prove useful to your current situation. You do not have a true, permanent understanding of the style you access in this way but you are able to remember just enough to attempt to use the sorcery in question. You need not meet any prerequisites for the style except those that require a certain number of ranks in a particular skill. If your skill check beats DC 15, the Games Master will select an appropriate sorcerous effect from among the basic spells to which you are granted temporary access – enough to cast once and once only. The effect will be something useful to your situation, though in most cases it will not be sufficient to completely defeat your opposition on its own. If your Knowledge (arcana) check beats DC 25, the sorcerous effect may be drawn from the advanced spells of a style you dabble in. You may also spend a Fate Point to cast a spell using this feat. If you do so, you do not need to make a Knowledge (arcana) check – the spell may be basic or advanced – and this does not count towards your limit of one spell per month.

Special: You expend Power Points to cast the spell as usual. If you do not already have any Power Points when you select this feat, you immediately acquire Base Power Points of 2 + Wisdom modifier.

Deceitful (General)

You live a life of underhanded dealings and deceit.

Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on all Disguise and Scribe checks.

Defensive Martial Arts (General)

You have been trained to avoid blows and other attacks directed at you in battle.

Prerequisites: Must be Khitan, Vendhyan or Himelian or must have the calm of the adept spell.

Benefit: You gain an additional +2 bonus to Defence when fighting defensively or using the total defence action. This grants you a total of +4 bonus to Defence when fighting defensively and a total of +6 bonus to Defence when using the total defence action. Furthermore, you gain a +2 bonus to opposed Strength and Dexterity checks any time you make trip, overrun or grapple attacks or when you try to avoid trips, overruns and grapples made against you.

Normal: A character using the total defence action without this feat gains a +2 bonus to Defence when fighting defensively and a +4 bonus to Defence when using the total defence action.

Deft Hands (General)

Your hands are naturally dextrous.

Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on all Sleight of Hand and Ropes checks.

Demon Killer (General)

You have hardened yourself to supernatural terrors.

Prerequisites: Iron Will, must have single-handedly defeated a monster of any kind. Not available to Southern Islanders or Tlazitlans.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Will saves versus Terror. Each time that you defeat a new monster, you become immune to the Terror effect of that creature and others like it. You are immune to any fear effects used by a creature of a type you have slain.

Diehard (General)

You can endure wounds that would drop another man.

Prerequisite: Endurance

Benefit: When reduced to between –1 and –9 hit points, you automatically become stable. You do not have to roll d% to see if you lose one Hit Point each round.

When reduced to negative hit points, you may choose to act as if you are disabled, rather than dying.

You must make this decision as soon as you are reduced to negative hit points, even if it is not your turn. If you do not choose to act as if you are disabled, you immediately fall unconscious.

When using this feat, you can take either a single move or standard action each turn but not both. You cannot take a full round action. You can take a move action without further injuring yourself, though if you perform any standard action (or any other action deemed as strenuous, including some free actions) you take one point of damage after completing the act. If you reach –10 hit points, you die.

Normal: A character without this feat that is reduced to between –1 and –9 hit points is unconscious and dying.

Diligent (General)

You are skilled at evaluating objects and writing.

Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on all Appraise and Scribe checks.

Disciple of Chariots (General)

Your training in the discipline of the chariot use makes you more effective when driving a chariot. You have trained for agonising hours to mount mass charges, to learn how to manoeuvre the chariot and the two-horse team, how to drive your horse team at a full gallop over uneven terrain, how to keep up with other chariots and drive in formation and how to position a shield to protect yourself and the passenger firing arrows even while driving the chariot at full speed.

Prerequisites: Chariot Combat, Handle Animal 4 ranks or more.

Benefit: When you are driving a chariot, you may position your shield so that both you and the noble archer with you benefit, although at a -1 penalty. Also, unless the terrain is completely broken, you can drive the chariot at full speed. You can also use the Heavy Cavalry combat formation while on chariots.

Dodge (General)

You are very nimble on your feet, ducking and weaving in and out of combat to avoid your enemies’ attacks.

Prerequisites: Dex 13, base dodge bonus +1.

Benefit: You gain a +1 dodge bonus to your Dodge Defence.

Feats (D)

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