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Character Creation

Races: The Hyborian age features a great diversity of peoples. In this chapter you may find rules that allow you to play a member of any strain of humanity that can be found from Cimmeria to Vendhya.

Classes: Do you want to explore the lands as a mercenary soldier? A self-sufficient barbarian? A curious scholar? Or some other adventurous archetype? This chapter tells you what you need to know.

Fate, Codes of Honour, Allegiances, Corruption and Reputation

Skills: This chapter includes a full list and detailing of the skills used in Conan the Roleplaying Game.

Feats: This chapter explains all the tricks of sword and sorcery; all the ways that your character might take to get one up on his adversaries, or the methods they might use to get one up on him…

Equipment: Conan wields a variety of often bizarre weapons during his travels. These, along with armour to protect against them and other goods that might be of use or value to adventurers, are covered here.

Combat: Full rules for engaging in combat are covered in this chapter, whether you are a Cimmerian barbarian, Hyperborean mercenary or a pirate of the Red Brotherhood.

Sorcery: Sorcery is the magic of Conan’s world. It is an ancient and subtly dangerous power that can include everything from simple curses to alchemy, mesmerism and even demonology. This chapter provides full tools for playing sorcerous characters, including the Rules of Sorcery, numerous Sorcery Styles and spells and a variety of magical, herbal and alchemical items.

Gazetteer: This covers all the kingdoms and other regions of the late Hyborian Age in detail, including mysterious lost cities and other places ripe for plunder. It also features adventure hooks for many of the areas and an overview of Hyborian culture.

Religion: This chapter covers the various gods and goddesses of the Hyborian kingdoms and beyond, as well as the obligations and benefits that come from worshipping them.

Bestiary: This chapter details the creatures both mundane and magical that live in the Hyborian Age, from ordinary animals to the demons of the Outer Dark.

Campaigns: Conan is a sword-and-sorcery setting like no other and Games Masters will benefit from the information in this chapter, which will allow them to run truly unique campaigns in keeping with the style of the original stories.

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