Diplomacy (Cha)

Check: You can change the attitudes of others (Non- Player Characters) with a successful Diplomacy check; see the sidebar below for basic DCs. In negotiations, participants roll opposed Diplomacy checks and the winner gains the advantage. Opposed checks also resolve situations when two advocates or diplomats plead opposite cases in a hearing before a third party.

Action: Changing others’ attitudes with Diplomacy generally takes at least 10 consecutive full-round actions, which is a total of one minute. In some situations, this time requirement may greatly increase. A rushed Diplomacy check can be made as a full-round action but you take a –10 penalty on the check.

Try Again: Retries are optional but not recommended because they usually do not work. Even if the initial Diplomacy check succeeds, the other character can be persuaded only so far and a retry may do more harm than good. If the initial check fails, the other character has probably become more firmly committed to his position and a retry is futile.

Special: A Meadow Shemite has a +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy checks.

If you have the Negotiator feat, you get a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks.

Attitude *Means Possible Actions*
Hostile Will take risks to hurt you Attack, interfere, berate, flee
Unfriendly Wishes you ill Mislead, gossip, avoid, watch suspiciously, insult
Indifferent Does not much care Socially expected interaction
Friendly Wishes you well Chat, advise, offer limited help, advocate
Helpful Will take risks to help you
Protect, back up, heal, aid

‘You scum of the western hills,’ he muttered, ‘have you dared seek to undermine my power?’

‘I didn’t have to,’ answered Conan. ‘You lied when you said I had nothing to do with bringing in the new recruits. I had everything to do with it. They took your orders, but they fought for me. There is not room for two chiefs of the Zuagirs. They know I am the stronger man. I understand them better than you, and they, me; because I am a barbarian too.’

‘And what will they say when you ask them to fight for Khauran?’ asked Olgerd sardonically.

’They’ll follow me. I’ll promise them a camel-train of gold from the palace. Khauran will be willing to pay that as a guerdon for getting rid of Constantius. After that, I’ll lead them against the Turanians as you have planned. They want loot, and they’d as soon fight Constantius for it as anybody.’

– A Witch Shall be Born

Initial Attitude \4. New Attitude (DC to achieve)
Hostile Unfriendly Indifferent Friendly Helpful
Hostile 20 25 35 50
Unfriendly 15 25 40
Indifferent 15 30
Friendly 20


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