Survival (Wis)

Check: You can keep yourself and others safe and fed in the wild. The table overleaf gives the DCs for various tasks that require Survival checks.

Survival does not allow you to follow difficult tracks unless you have the Track feat. See the Restriction section below.

Action: A single Survival check may represent activity over the course of hours or a full day. A Survival check made to find tracks is at least a full-round action and may take even longer.

Try Again: For getting along in the wild or for gaining the Fortitude saving throw bonus noted in the table above, make a Survival check once every 24 hours. The result of that check applies until the next check is made. To avoid getting lost or avoid natural hazards, make a Survival check whenever the situation calls for one. Retries to avoid getting lost in a specific situation or to avoid a specific natural hazard are not allowed. You can retry a failed check for finding tracks after one hour (outdoors) or 10 minutes (indoors) of searching.

Restriction: While anyone can use Survival to find tracks (regardless of the DC) or to follow tracks when the DC for the task is 10 or lower, only a character with the Track feat can use Survival to follow tracks when the task has a higher DC.

Special: If you have five or more ranks in Survival, you can automatically determine where true north lies in relation to your position.

If you have the Self-Sufficient feat, you get a +2 bonus on Survival checks.

Survival DC Task
10 Get along in the wild. Move up to onehalf your overland speed while hunting and foraging, thus removing the need for food or water supplies for yourself. You can provide food and water for one other person for every two points by which your check result exceeds 10.
15 Gain a +2 bonus on all Fortitude saving throws against severe weather while moving up to one-half your overland speed or gain a +4 bonus if you remain stationary. You may grant the same bonus to one other character for every point by which your Survival check result exceeds 15.
15 Keep from getting lost or avoid natural hazards, such as quicksand.
15 Predict the weather up to 24 hours in advance. For every five points by which your Survival check result exceeds 15, you can predict the weather for one additional day.
Varies Follow tracks (see the Track feat).


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